Monday, May 7, 2012

3rd Episode - Up Close and Personal with Lana Killingsworth

I have just completed the third episode of my talk show, Up Close and Personal with Lana Killingsworth at Blog Talk Radio.

The answer to the contest question, Where else in my online promotions would you find the music of "Granada Tropical" by Roger Espinoza? The answer is: It is the music on my book trailer on YouTube.

There no answers called in or posted in our chatroom.

Today contest as offered by Lana is: What is the title of the last poem in Lana's book? The first person to answer this question gets a copy of Lana's book.

Also, as an extra special surprise, a fellow-author by the name of Anthony Robinson in Singapore will give a copy of his book to the first person who can answer a question about his book trailer on YouTube. That link is

Anthony's question is: How many characters are there on the book cover?

The contest to both questions ends Thursday, May 10, 2012 during the 5:30 PM (CT) episode, "Evangelist Felecia Spaulding Shares Life on Elm Street".

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