Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Join SchmoozyShops for Free and Help Others While Helping Yourself


Why SchmoozyShops? SchmoozyShops has created a motivated, tight-knit community of users who buy and sell from each other. TRUE LOYALTY from Schmoozers who believe that by helping others first, they indeed will help themselves.

Help yourself by helping others! Refer others to SchmoozyShops and make a commission on whatever you buy, whenever you buy! Have an unlimited number of referrals, too! And here's the kicker: Refer SELLERS, too, and make a commission on everything you sell on SchmoozyShops. 


Earn money doing what you already do. Imagine making a commission on everything a seller sells on the site, and, wow, what if it was your referral who made the purchase? Yes, you make it both ways!! That's right! Now, earn money doing what you already do by showing and promoting your likes on the other social media sites.

Sellers are in full control! Monitor and control your available inventory, set pricing and sale pricing right from your profile. Upgrade to a "STORE" and increase your visibility and your image. Tell your story! Set your own policies! Set your shipping terms! Why? Because, it's your STORE and it's in your control. And this is just the beginning. More features will be coming down the pike.


Generate Increased Sales! SchmoozyShops is a social marketplace. List your products for free! There is no risk. Extend your reach. We are going global, shortly, too! Multi-lingual and Multi-currency will be coming! Just upload a product image, add some copy and a price and you're in business.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Join the Fliiby Migration

With Fliiby revenue sharing program you can start monetizing your music, photos, videos, ebooks and files. Fliiby takes care of everything, from file hosting, ad delivery, and timely payouts. Simply hover your mouse over the picture to select your options to click on.

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Article Performance as of July 2016

Monthly Summary for July 2016
Article Views:
Clicks Delivered:
Published Articles:

* * July 2016: Top 3 Performing Articles * *

Your Child's First Year at College: Prime Target for Identity Theft?  [view
 Views: 2

Twelve Key Questions You Need to Ask About Your Computer Security for Your Home or Business  
July Views: 1

What Every Employee Should Know About Putting Positive Phrases Into Customer Service  [view]
uly Views: 
* * Lifetime: Top 3 Performing Articles * *

Becoming Rich in Your Own Way  [view]
  Lifetime Views: 14,151

Maximizing Your Potential by Definition  [view]
  Lifetime Views: 4,009

Develop and Maintain Positive Relationships Immediately Using Only Four  Ingredients  [view]
   Lifetime Views: 3,720   

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Welcome to the Debut Episode of SPMG Media Presents

SPMG Media for your
Public Relations and Marketing Needs
SPMG Media Presents . . . for your
online talk show interviews with authors, business leaders, community leaders, entertainers, and newsmakers.

Welcome Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr., Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Youth Leadership Facilitator during our debut episode.

Click on link below to listen to the debut episode tonight at 8:30 p. m. Eastern.

SPMG Media and SPMG Media Presents . . . have combined forces to help you maximize the returns of your market efforts. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Public and Media Relations Training and Preparation
  • Public Relations and Marketing DIY Training
  • Personal Branding and Image Development
  • Traditional Marketing Campaigns
  • Grassroots Marketing Campaigns
  • Crisis and Recovery Management
  • Event Coverage and Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Consulting Services

Ready to make your move? 

Simply contact Gina Johnson Smith at the address below.

Gina Smith
SPMG Media Public Relations and Marketing
385 South  Lemon Avenue #E236
Walnut, CA 91789
Telephone: 888-841-7779

Sunday, May 22, 2016

With Vantage Travel's Diplomat Referral Program It's Your Choice: Save on Travel, Have Fun, Get Rewards!

Do you have friends who love travel as much as you do?
Why not be rewarded for it? 

Vantage’s Diplomat Club allows you to collect rewards simply by referring new travelers to us. You can earn up to $6,400 —and even travel for FREE — as a member of this club for Vantage’s most loyal travelers. 

Your friends go on a memorable journey, and you earn rewards … it’s a true win-win!

The more travelers you refer, the more you earn — it’s that simple. It’s a powerful way to benefit from sharing your love of travel.


The travelers you refer provide your name and Customer Number when they reserve their first trip. They can travel on their own or with you—either way, you’re both rewarded.
  •  Earn up to $200 for each of the first 7 new travelers you refer.
  •  Earn a FREE trip for the 8th traveler you refer.
  •  Earning is unlimited! Get cash and free travel even after your 8th referral.
  •  Travelers you refer save $100 on the cost of their trip.
  • Host Travel Parties and Be Rewarded
  • It’s always fun to get friends and family together and talk about travel. What if you could do that and earn cash and free travel? Vantage Travel Parties let you do just that. Gather people at your home, a nearby community center, or coffee shop, and learn about Vantage trips in low-pressure, high-enthusiasm environment. 
  • You’ll get a $200 food and beverage reimbursement for hosting, and your guests will get $100 travel credit if they reserve at the party. 
  • It's that simple.