Sunday, May 22, 2016

With Vantage Travel's Diplomat Referral Program It's Your Choice: Save on Travel, Have Fun, Get Rewards!

Do you have friends who love travel as much as you do?
Why not be rewarded for it? 

Vantage’s Diplomat Club allows you to collect rewards simply by referring new travelers to us. You can earn up to $6,400 —and even travel for FREE — as a member of this club for Vantage’s most loyal travelers. 

Your friends go on a memorable journey, and you earn rewards … it’s a true win-win!

The more travelers you refer, the more you earn — it’s that simple. It’s a powerful way to benefit from sharing your love of travel.


The travelers you refer provide your name and Customer Number when they reserve their first trip. They can travel on their own or with you—either way, you’re both rewarded.
  •  Earn up to $200 for each of the first 7 new travelers you refer.
  •  Earn a FREE trip for the 8th traveler you refer.
  •  Earning is unlimited! Get cash and free travel even after your 8th referral.
  •  Travelers you refer save $100 on the cost of their trip.
  • Host Travel Parties and Be Rewarded
  • It’s always fun to get friends and family together and talk about travel. What if you could do that and earn cash and free travel? Vantage Travel Parties let you do just that. Gather people at your home, a nearby community center, or coffee shop, and learn about Vantage trips in low-pressure, high-enthusiasm environment. 
  • You’ll get a $200 food and beverage reimbursement for hosting, and your guests will get $100 travel credit if they reserve at the party. 
  • It's that simple.