Saturday, September 6, 2008

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A Little More about Me

Shortly after my Honorable Discharge from the US Air Force in 1982 and my return to my home in the US Virgin Islands, I opened my private practice as a Clinical Social Worker, Manager Consultant, and Trainer. As co-author of two anthologies, one on communication and the other on motivation, my new career was off to a great start. In 1992 I elected to put my career on hold as I relocated my family (two young daughters) to Radcliff, Kentucky, just outside Fort Knox.

Having become interested in the internet, blogging, webinars, and related activities, I relocated to San Antonio to study internet marketing in an apprentice program with a marketing guru. After the move, adjustments, and studying moved to be too much to take on, I was released from the apprentice program and have been slowly and steadily restarting my career, picking up where I left off in 1992 with added online experiences and expertise.

Although my other websites speak for themselves and tell about my services and areas of expertise, I created this site to reflect my experience and to rekindle my career. Links to article directories where my 50+ how-to articles are stored and have been published across the internet are on the right margin of this site. Additionally, please feel free to use any search engine to search me under my full name.