Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

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Monday, March 20, 2017

I'm Happy with Happy About Books and You Will, too!

Whether you're a consumer wanting to learn more effective ways to become a successful author or you're an author wanting to expand your book sales, here's what Happ About Books has to offer you:

They distribute their books through a number of channels and are continually looking to expand their reach. Channels differ based on the book's format.

They currently produce their books in paperback, eBook (PDF & ePub) and podbook formats. 

Distribution channels include:

• and Nook Book Store

• Amazon (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Japan)

• Up to 15,000 libraries through NetLibrary and Content Reserve

• Ingram and Baker & Taylor (the distributors to ~95% of bookstores in the US)

• 50+ other eTailers, including, but not limited to (Amazon Inside, Amazon Kindle, Ingram Digital, Google Books, Sales Gravy, Kobo and Books24x7)

• The Happy About family of web sites including, but not limited to (, and

Click on any link above or the one to the right  for more information.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Join SchmoozyShops for Free and Help Others While Helping Yourself


Why SchmoozyShops? SchmoozyShops has created a motivated, tight-knit community of users who buy and sell from each other. TRUE LOYALTY from Schmoozers who believe that by helping others first, they indeed will help themselves.

Help yourself by helping others! Refer others to SchmoozyShops and make a commission on whatever you buy, whenever you buy! Have an unlimited number of referrals, too! And here's the kicker: Refer SELLERS, too, and make a commission on everything you sell on SchmoozyShops. 


Earn money doing what you already do. Imagine making a commission on everything a seller sells on the site, and, wow, what if it was your referral who made the purchase? Yes, you make it both ways!! That's right! Now, earn money doing what you already do by showing and promoting your likes on the other social media sites.

Sellers are in full control! Monitor and control your available inventory, set pricing and sale pricing right from your profile. Upgrade to a "STORE" and increase your visibility and your image. Tell your story! Set your own policies! Set your shipping terms! Why? Because, it's your STORE and it's in your control. And this is just the beginning. More features will be coming down the pike.


Generate Increased Sales! SchmoozyShops is a social marketplace. List your products for free! There is no risk. Extend your reach. We are going global, shortly, too! Multi-lingual and Multi-currency will be coming! Just upload a product image, add some copy and a price and you're in business.